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An ice cream cone with a big scoop that looks like dice. Around the cone is a banner with blue text that reads 'Ice Cream Dice'.

Give Yourself a Scoop of Ice Cream Dice

You can't help but have a great time when playing with Ice Cream Dice. Discover the creamy original collection in our store.

Why Ice Cream?

There's something innocent and pure about ice cream. For most people, regardless of age, thoughts of ice cream bring up good memories, and who doesn't want more of those?

The sweet treat you can enjoy guilt-free everyday, Ice Cream Dice!

Have you met Grimwald, the Goblin Dice King?

Grimwald likes to hang around online, especially in our social media accounts. If you're apart of our communities, you might have seen him dishing up some magical scoops of Ice Cream Dice.

This is an image of Grimwald, Ice Cream Dice's official social media goblin. Grimwald has green skin, big ears, and a pink top hat. He's got a special dice tool belt and is scooping a bit of classic NEO NEO ice cream while winking.