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An Introduction to Grimwald

HELLO EVERYONE! IT’S ME… GRIMWALD! Social media supergoblin and handsome face behind Ice Cream Dice’s social media department! I’m moving up in the world… First I got my own Twitterand now my own page on the website!

Before we talk about my bright future as a social media superstar, let me take you on a trip down memory lane...

I was born in the sparkly, magical dice mines at Ice Cream Dice in the 19th century, in the 91st year. I was an ambitious young goblin, who wanted to carry on the family tradition of making beautiful dice for the humans to play their board games with. I made my way through dice school, learning how to make dice as cool and unique as me! I was occasionally reprimanded for making dice that looked 'too edible for the humans' according to my professors. I tried to make dice that didn't look 'edible to humans' with some success, but you humans have some really colorful and fun foods that I find inspiring.

Admittedly, after a few years leading the rest of the dice goblins in the Ice Cream Dice Dice Mines, I wanted to 'spread my wings', I think is what you humans say, though I've never actually seen what human wings look like, and try something new.

One day, I left Teningar in charge of the dice goblins and snuck upstairs...I heardMarc, the human boss and credit card holder, talking about looking for help with social media. Social media? Why, I talk all the time! I’m great at being social! And I love watching things on the computer box! This is the job for me! 

So I dashed out of my hiding place, I told him things about how I could increase social media stuff that WAS DEFINITELY TRUE AND NOT AN EXAGGERATION AT ALL. He was impressed by my superior skills and handsomeness, and I landed the job! 

The rest is history… I’ve now found my place as a social media superstar, bringing Ice Cream Dice all the fame and recognition. I also get to talk to all of the greatest fans online… The Scoops Family! You humans are the real MVPs. More than me even, so that's a lot!

People ask me "Grimwald, how does a goblin go from making dice to being a social media superstar?" Well, I'm not quite there yet,but I will be. However, the answer is: be bold, people can't say 'yes' if you don't ask the question. #liveyourdreams