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Cream Soda Float

For a gentle reminder of summer in the colder months of the year, grab yourself an 11 piece set of Canadian Cream Soda Float!

When I designed these, I had no idea that Canada was one of the very few, if not only, countries that has pink cream soda.

Canadian Cream Soda Float is unlike any other dice you own. With an opaque white layer on top of a bright pink translucent layer filled with wisps of white and glitter, this set of dice combines all the things that make a real float good: ice cream, carbonation and of course, cream soda.

These are available in 7 and 11 piece sets. 11 piece sets contain an extra D20 and an extra 3D6.

5 Star Reviews for Cream Soda Float Dice!!

"This company is the very first dice company I’ve ordered from. I’m a noob at searching for good dice and I hardly have a grasp on dnd in general. However, once I received an amazing recommendation from a friend who was trying to pull me into dnd I instantly fell in love with this company’s concept! They’re affordable, they’re true to the picture, they’re neatly done, they’re light weight, and there’s a ton of options to choose from! Thank god I didn’t buy dice from just anywhere since I could’ve received a faulty product. I’m also glad I didn’t spend an arm and a leg on dice from one of the more expensive companies because I got a great product here for a fraction of the price. The customer service from here is amazing as well and overall I’d support this company 100%. Well worth the money to be honest!"

"Highly Recommended. First set for my son, 5 stars!"

"TLDR: Store photos are beautiful yet the dice are even more beautiful in person. The white wisps are a lovely effect. Cannot stop using them!"

"These are fantastic! I bought them for my niece who plays D&D with her cousins. :)"

"Love the look of these dice! They are just as eye catching in person as they are in the photos and they are so unique compared to the dice you can get from places like Chessex!"