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Critsicle Float

A little known secret is that Ice Cream Floats are a Dice Goblin's favorite treat. The Dice Goblins here have turned some of their favorite flavors into dice, and they're ready to unveil their newest design...Critsicle Float.

Critsicle Float is a vibrant transparent orange set with an opaque white layer and silver glitter

Critsicle is available in a standard 7 piece set, 11 piece set (an extra 3 x D6 and 1 x D20) and 10 x D6 sets.

5 Star Reviews for Critsicle Float Dice!!

"There were some issues with shipping but they were very eager to help and got it all sorted out for me. The dice were definitely worth the wait! They're gorgeous."

"Hot damn do I love this orange"

"I absolutely love the swirls in these and how they catch the light. It's such a beautiful set."

"Great dice. Shame, though - they don't taste like a creamsicle. ;)"

"When I first saw them I fell in love with them. I'm glad I finally own them. They're lovely and easy to see the numbers. A great addition to dnd nights!"