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Grape Float

For a gentle reminder of summer in the colder months of the year, grab yourself an 11 piece set of Grape Float!

Grape Float is unlike any other dice you have ever had. With an opaque white layer on top of a dark purple translucent layer filled with wisps of white and glitter, this set of dice combines all the things that make a real float good: ice cream, carbonation and of course, grape soda.

These are available in 7 and 11 piece sets. 11 piece sets contain an extra D20 and an extra 3D6. D6 Sets include 10 x D6.

5 Star Reviews for Grape Float Dice!

"I absolutely love the color scheme on these dice! They perfectly capture the aesthetic of a grape float (one of my all-time favorite summer treats)."

"These are adorable - I purchased them for my daughter who plays D&D with her cousins. :)"

"Very nice color and just a fun set."