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Neo Neo

The Dice Goblins insisted we remake Neo since the first version, what they call our B-Grade, wasn't up to their quality standards.

So. They. Did.

This time, they got it right. Layers aren't all melty looking and much crisper and cleaner than their first attempt.

Neo ice cream divides goblin families the same way it divides human families. Some people only want two colors, some want only one, but only the most daring adventurer will ever admit to looking all three.

 5 Star Reviews for Neo Neo Dice!!

"Fantastic dice, one of my favourites"

"The Neo Neo dice look terrific and I loved getting to add them to my dice array. The first time out using them was running Masks of Nyarlathotep for my group, and I have to admit that they rolled great... much Neo-lathotep style horror and doom was unleashed!"

"Yum! Neopolitan ice cream was a staple dessert in our freezer growing up, and the sight of the Neo Neo set just bring back fond memories. They look so tasty, too! Love these."

"I dig it! These dice are so lovely, good enough to eat! I think I wished that the colours were a little more rigidly set (more straight lines) but really that’s such a nitpick."

"I was sent a link to these dice by a friend and we both ended up buying them, just such a cool design and they look just like the picture, very well made and aesthetically pleasing."

"Highly recommended! These dice are just too cute!"

"These dice are insanely cute and roll well!"

"Beautiful These are hard to beat. neapolitan ice cream is very nostalgic for me, and these just look tasty."