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Rootbeer Float

For a gentle reminder of summer in the colder months of the year, grab yourself an 11 piece set of Rootbeer/Cola/ Float!

Rootbeer Float is unlike any other dice you have ever had. With an opaque white layer on top of a brown translucent layer filled with wisps of white and glitter, this set of dice combines all the things that make a real float good: ice cream, carbonation and of course, rootbeer.

These are available in 7 and 11 piece sets. 11 piece sets contain an extra D20 and an extra 3D6. D6 Sets include 10 x D6.

5 Star Reviews for Rootbeer Float Dice!!

"I got it for my boyfriend for his birthday. He's been using the set every DND session since! Plus, the dice sparkles really nicely under the light."

"I needed rootbeer to complete my collection that I had picked up earlier. I love the colours of the dice and the way the inking compliments it so much!"

"I dig it! Looked a lot paler than anticipated- but I actually kind of liked them more that way!"

"Great colors, quick shipping. Balanced dice!"

"I love them! I was worried they might be too dark compared to the rest of my dice horde but they fit in perfectly! The brown is super pretty. Looking forward to ordering in the future."

"Highly recommended! The Root Beer Float dice are really cute and I can't wait to use them! They're a great quality and shipped quickly."

"Delicious sneak attack damage! The pack of d6's is perfect for my tortie tabaxi rogue's sneak attack damage (and now i want a root beer float for dessert)!"

"I love these dice! They're so fun and roll really well."

"My dice arrived promptly and in perfect condition.  I got the chance to use them as part of efforts to convert my 1e game to 5e and they were great!"

"Great looking dice in honor of my favorite soda!"

"Very impressed! Feels great in the hand, smooth and no bubbles. Colours are great, I mean, it's rootbeer!"

"These are so awesome! I bought them as a gift for my nephew who plays D&D with his cousins. :)"