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Big Gay D20

I wanted to pay respect to the original Pride Flag designed by Gilbert Baker and create the boldest rainbow D20 possible. 

These are all handmade 55mm (2.165 in. face to face) D20's with the eight original stripes of the flag Gilbert Baker designed. To further honor the origins of Pride, I am using the Gilbert Typeface, designed as an homage to Gilbert Baker.

The Big Gay D20's take 9 days each to make due to all their layers.

Visually, the Big Gay D20 combines vibrant colors with a variety of glitter that represents the diversity within each individual community. These are both meant to be a table denting statement piece and a joyful celebration of Pride.

All Big Gay D20's will come in their own custom purpleheart wood box designed and crafted by a jeweler so that you can keep them safe or display them.

Special Note: these are all individually made by hand, and as such, may have some minor layer bleed and inking issues. They are completely resin (aside from the glitter) and weigh approximately 96 grams or 0.2 lbs.  They are balanced enough to be playable.