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The dice goblins here at Ice Cream Dice decided it was time to make their dice mines a lot brighter and fun and created these D20 lamps to light them up. 

These handmade lamps are the perfect accent to game night and make the perfect gift for your favorite tabletop gamer. When lit, they cast shadows upon the walls and ceiling, and even when they're not lit, they make for an interesting piece in any dice goblins hoard.

These lamps can ship assembled, or save yourself a few bucks and get your lamp as a DIY Kit.

The color shown in these images is the Ice Blue. 


  • Made with laser cut and engraved cast acrylic pieces.
  • Size: approximately 7 inches point to point and 6 inches face to face without the base
  • Connectors are made from 3D printed resin.
  • DIY Kits include everything you need to put it together, including the hex key.
  • Lamp does not attach to base.
  • Lamp bases are USB powered/charged not battery operated.

This is a pre-order. I expect these to ship in October as I will need to order some of the components after the orders have been placed.

**While all color images below are taken from the company I intend to buy my materials from, colors may differ in person.