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Summer is here and the Dice Goblins are looking forward to feasting on their favorite fruit, strawberries! Being seasonal eaters, they wanted a way to enjoy strawberries all year long without the hassle of building a temperature controlled greenhouse, so they decided to create dice that looked like strawberries.

Available in 7 and 11 piece sets. 11 pieces sets have an extra D20 and three extra D6's.

5 Star Reviews for Strawberry Dice!!

"I'm afraid I might eat these. The pictures were bad enough, but now that they're in my hands, I need to watch myself. ;)"

"I love strawberry ice cream so these were absolutely perfect for me. The D20 is too much of a chonker for my dice tower but that's OK. It makes it easier rolling it from my hand. First time I used them in game I got a nat 20. These dice give me some sweet rolls!"

"AMAZING so beautiful"

"Nice dice. The colour difference is very subtle."

"I love all things strawberry and these are beyond exceptional. I can't even begin to describe how much I love this set!"

"Look at you strawberry dice! You make me feel nice! I love it when you roll, my way. Seriously though, these dice are a very nice quality and I love the color!"

"Love these dice! They look just like a strawberry daiquiri! They feel great in the hand, too."

"I absolutely adore these dice, and I am so glad that I have them in my dice rotation. Marc and the goblins have done a fantastic job of capturing the essence of Strawberry Ice Cream, and I recommend Ice Cream Dice to anyone who is looking for fun themed dice."

"The color profile of the dice is just like what I expected from the pictures! Thank you for taking such care with my order"

"this dice make me happy. they are just like a good strawberry ice cream in colour. love this design!"

"They look good enough to eat, but actually only roll crits."

"Love the quality and look of the dice! It really does look like strawberry ice cream. A thing to note though is that the speckled pattern isn’t all over the die. It’s concentrated on one side only. But I like the way it looks this way so I’m super happy with it"