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Decision Helper

The Decision Helper was designed by me after watching a few folks with ADHD gamify their decision making process using numerical ranges for their tasks, and dice.

I often get decision paralysis, so I tried this system, and found that it was very helpful. I took the general premise which is writing down up to three tasks that need your attention and one fun thing/treat and designed the 'Decision Helper'.

This is still an evolving design. The pictures are working prototypes/iterations of the design you see here. What you receive will be functionally the same as you see here, and the wood/color combination will be as you requested. The design may just change a bit.

I want this to be as financially accessible as possible. If you can't afford the full price, use the code ADHD at checkout and get 50% off.

Decision Helper Features:

  • Built in Numerical Ranges: 1-9, 10-15,16-19, 20. There's a larger range to start with for the task that needs the most attention or that you're avoiding the most.
  • Four clear acrylic pieces that you can write your tasks and fun thing on. These are removable. Keep in mind that if you choose a colored acrylic, the color will show through.
  • Four Metal Ball Bearings to mark when you've completed a task. * The area for these will be changed a little bit in the final design as it's a little small and they tend to pop out which creates a distraction (and we don't need any more of those, do we?).
  • Four acrylic pieces so you can create your own ranges.
  • A reminder to set your timer for your fun thing.
  • One Random D20
  • One Fine Tip Black Dry Erase Marker