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August/September Shipping Update, Candy Corn and Handmade Sets

Delays and Solutions

August/September Orders

This is/has been a hard post to write. I've gone over it in my head and written, then subsequently deleted, it many times.

I'm just going to get right into it:

Orders from August and September are delayed. My wife and kid both got sick for two weeks, and between having to isolate, and the energy taking care of D took, by the time I put him to bed, there just wasn't any energy left to do anything.

Beginning September 27, I will be getting as many orders out the door as I can every day. Depending on size and complexity of orders, this will vary day to day, but I will be working towards getting everything out as quickly as I can.

I'm sorry for the long delays many of you are experiencing, and have taken steps to rectify it going forward.

Candy Corn

I finally had to crack open my stock of Candy Corn dice that wasn't already bagged in sets, and looking through all the bags of dice, I realized I don't have (for one reason or another) a bag of D20s. 

What this means is that I won't be able to fulfill a number of orders that were placed for several months. I've ordered D20s from my manufacturer, but unfortunately, this is their busy season, and they likely won't arrive until near the end of the year.

I will be shipping out whatever sets I can still put together and I know this is disappointing for many of you, and if you don't want to wait for your set(s) there are two available options:

  • A refund - if this is what you'd prefer, please contact me here with your order number and the subject heading "CC Refund" and I will process your refund as quickly as possible.
  • An Exchange - you are welcome to exchange your Candy Corn sets for any sets currently available in the shop. If this is the option you choose, please contact me here with your order number, what sets you would like instead and the subject heading "CC Exchange".

If you choose to wait, I will not make you wait for the Candy Corn to arrive for everything to ship, and will ship any dice that are in your order beginning Monday October 4. When the Candy Corn D20s arrive, I will ship them out at my cost separately.

Handmade Sets

For those of you that are waiting on the handmade sets from May, I am still working on them, there's a lot about the process of pouring semi consistent sets that ended up being more complicated than I expected.

I will be dedicating a full work day each week to getting them out the door as quickly as I can. 


All of these problems are directly related to me taking on too much and thinking I can do more than I can.

As a result, a few things are happening on my end to ensure that these outstanding issues are taken care of and given the priority they deserve. 

Here is what I am currently doing so that I don't find myself in this situation again, and thereby, don't put you in a position where you are waiting on things for far longer than you should have to.

I've put all current in development projects on hold. While I still hope to be able to drop the 'Float Series' Kickstarter in late October, if at that point I'm still playing catch up on anything, I won't.

The biggest thing I'm doing is hiring an Executive Assistant to help me out. They'll be answering emails, helping keep me on track and making sure I know what I need to be taking care of. They'll be starting next week and should free up a lot of my time to focus on shipping and getting dice made.

These projects/mistakes really put into focus where I am weak in running a business. and honestly, there's a lot of areas.

I'm tired of apologizing, and even more so, making the same mistakes over and over again that warrant an apology.

I am on the road to rectifying those mistakes (over reaching, taking on too many things at once, thinking I can do everything on my own) and realizing the things that lead to this over and over again (ADHD, starting/committing to too many things) , and will be working very hard over the next few months to get this ship righted and on a steady course.

Thank you for all your support, patience and understanding while I figure all this out. And to those of you that don't feel patient, or understanding to these issues, I get it, I don't expect everyone to be patient or understanding.

Take care,