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Elephants and Apologies

Hey Everyone,

Let’s cut right to the chase and address the elephant in the room: shipping delays.

Why have they been so long? There are a few reasons, and I will do my best to cover them all.

If you’ve ordered in the last three months and haven’t received your dice, it’s because my kid’s missed more than half his days at daycare in the last ten weeks. When my kid has to stay home, I am the one that stays home with him, and he’s not old enough yet where he can fully entertain himself while I work, so no work gets done. The other thing that frequently happens is I catch whatever he has. When I get sick, all my energy goes into taking care of him and there just isn't much left.

During that time period, my wife started and ended her maternity leave. So, we had to keep her as healthy as we could so she could deliver a healthy baby for the intended parents.

My brain struggles hugely when I get knocked out of routine, and I haven’t been in one for months. Even now, I am sick and at home with my little human on his birthday. The only reason I can get this done is that my wife took a half day off of work so that I could get a little bit done and rest a little extra.

For those of you who are waiting on orders from last year, I’m sorry. I have tried to track down all the orders and I am getting through them as best I can. I don’t know why they fell through the cracks. 

All in all, with shipping, I hope to get a significant chunk out later this month and throughout June.

I took out a merchant loan from Shopify to keep the doors open, and part of the contract is that I can’t shut my shop down. If I could, I would, until all the shipping is taken care of.

I’m so sorry. I hate that things are so far behind. I hate that you can’t rely on me to deliver things in a timely manner. I hate that every day I wake up and regret having ever started this business. I enjoy designing dice, but because of all the failures and troubles the business (and I) have had, I haven’t designed anything new for a year or more. I’ve just been trying to put out fires and keep afloat.

What I can promise you is that you will get your dice. What I can no longer promise is when.

I have recently paused shipping for anywhere outside of North America because I found out my shipping provider has nearly tripled the cost of shipping without telling me. That put a huge unanticipated dent into my funds. When shipping gets a little more predictable and reliable, I will once again ship anywhere. For international customers that would like to grab dice, you can find some international retailers here.

I have looked into third-party fulfillment, but I don’t generate enough monthly orders for them to look at me. I need to have 300 - 400 orders a month for them to look at me, and I don’t even get 100 orders a month most months. This is the part of the cycle that I can’t seem to get out of. I know folks don’t want to order if they’ve read/heard/seen that their order might take months to get to them. I get it. I probably wouldn’t either (though I have a bit more compassion and understanding now than I did a couple of years back). 

I am trying to keep this business alive. I know it presents as something that pays the bills, but it doesn’t. Even when things were getting shipped out regularly and I hadn’t made a few colossal mistakes in a row, this business never really made money. 

Now that shows have opened up, I am a little more hopeful that maybe I can pull myself out of this mess. Though shows come with their own costs and challenges, I hope that I am putting time and money into something that can turn this business around.

If you’re interested in helping out with shows, you can find an application form under the Events tab in the menu.

Currently, I’m only doing shows in North America. If things go well, I may consider shows outside of North America.

If you’re still reading this, thank you. I know I have let many of you down and I don’t know what else I can say other than I will try and make it right by you to the best of my ability. As I work to claw my way out of this, I will be making changes to cut my costs down and still offer some fun dice.

With gratitude,