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State of Ice Cream Dice 2021

Finally. 2020 is Behind Us

And with that, comes the thoughts of the year ahead, and how and what we will do, both personally and professionally.

For me, 2020 brought some things to light, as I finished my second year in business and I settled in to start prepping for taxes.

Here's the TL;DR version for those of you that just like the info:

  • no mass produced designs are in the works
  • I will be moving towards almost entirely handmade dice going forward
  • shipping prices will likely go up a little bit as I am moving my shipping out of house (and postal prices go up every year anyways)


For those that are interested in the longer version:

Ultimately, what it brought to light was that the challenges I faced with completing my first Kickstarter and prepping for my second, was that the business simply doesn't have enough money to keep producing new designs on a mass production scale.

So that's the first big bit of news, this year will likely not see any new mass produced designs hit the shop. Right now, I have nothing in the pipeline and nothing in the sample stage.

I had an unexpected extended holiday break because my son and wife both got an extra week off, which meant I had an extra week off, and when I finally let that settle in (I really enjoy working, so it was tough to just stop) I decided I would finally dust off my pressure pot, resin, and all the other gear I had sitting around for the last 9 months and try my hand at making dice.

Here are a few of the results (all pictures are of raw, unpolished, unsanded and uninked dice)

A blue plate with two sets of polyhedral dice on it. One looks like scrambled eggs, the other like bacon.

An opaque and transparent swirled orange set with golden brown glitter.

A black transparent set with gold and and gold and green opaque resin mixed to look like a galaxy or nebula.

To say I really enjoy the process and the level of creativity I get to express while making dice is an understatement.

I am currently waiting for my masters to arrive so that I can make some new molds based on those masters and start making dice that will be sold through the shop.

At the end of the day, it's always been tough for the business to handle paying for a 1000 sets (or more) up front, and hoping they'll sell in time.

I've also always wanted to make dice by hand from the beginning but thought I would suck at it. I'm really happy I proved myself wrong on that one (at least in my own opinion😂).


Another big change that I'm working to implement is to have almost all shipping done by shopify, rather than doing it myself.

I'm still in the beginning stages of this process, but ultimately what it will look like for most of you is faster shipping times and I don't think I will have to raise my prices too much.

I'm going to be honest, this move will free up a ton of time for me, and ensure that customers don't slip through the cracks, which still happens every so often, and bothers me a lot.

I don't ever want someone that has been kind enough to support my business to feel like they are unimportant or an afterthought, and sometimes that's how it feels when you order something and it doesn't ship for over a week.

Once this entire process is moved over to Shopify, the only thing I will still likely be shipping is the subscription boxes.

In Summary

If you've read this far, thank you. I will be paying some more dice tax shortly. More importantly though, I want to thank you. Thank you for helping me support my family, allowing me to design, whether mass produced or handmade, some crazy designs (and I have more coming, just need to get my skill level increase😁.

I hope you'll stick around to see what happens when I'm not limited by mass production equipment and can start to unleash the ideas that have been growing in my head since I started this adventure.

Take care, and may 2021 treat you and yours kindly,



A purple and bright pink swirled set with some glitter mixing opaque and transparent colors.

A blue set of dice with an ocean style transparent blue and a lighter opaque blue.

Like a fizzy grape soda with grape ice cream, this set has a galaxy vibe to it with two different shades of purple and some glitter mixed together.