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The Float Rainbow Pre-order


The goblins at Ice Cream Dice finally completed what many of them consider their masterpiece (personally, I think they have a lot left to offer, but I'm not going to rob them of their joy)...the Float Rainbow.

The Float Rainbow consists of one of every single Float design that the goblins have ever created.

If you have all the OG Floats and missed the Kickstarter, go here to complete your rainbow.

Canadian Cream Soda is only inked in pink.

Rootbeer is only inked in light brown.

All other sets will be inked in your color choice of silver or monochromatic. Monochromatic means the ink color will be a similar shade to the color of the dice.

  • Rootbeer
  • Canadian Cream Soda (Pink)
  • Cherry*
  • Critsicle (Orange)
  • Pineapple*
  • Green Apple*
  • Blue Cream Soda*
  • Grape

These are sample sets in the image and all sets will be of equal size when you receive them.

Pre-Order Details:

This order contains items that are currently on pre-order. These were initially funded through a Kickstarter and production will begin in June, and hopefully finishing by mid-August. After this, they'll be shipped to me and ship before the end of the year. Your order will ship when the new sets have arrived.