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Shipping policy

 Shipping Policies 

JULY 2022!

All orders placed during July 2022 will be SHIPPED IN AUGUST!

While I make every effort to get things shipped in a timely manner, with the supply chain/shipping issues still having a huge impact on things, and general unexpected life things happening, this policy will outline what you can generally expect in terms of shipping.

Orders typically ship within 2-10 days, if there is an influx of orders, this timeframe changes drastically, as I am still shipping out of my house and only have so many hours a day that I can work. While I do my best, when there are a large amount of orders, it can take me longer to get things out the door.

For Edmonton Customers: 

You can now choose 'Local Pickup' when you order. Local orders will be ready within 24hrs to pick up.

For Canadian Customers:

Your orders will be shipped via Canada Post.

For US Customers:

Your orders will ship via USPS. It takes a couple of days for your tracking to enter the system as I use a service that takes the packages over the US/Canada Border before they enter the USPS system.

For International Customers:

If you choose the Tracked Shipping option, your orders go through both the USPS, Fedex, and your local postal service. Typically this takes 2-6 weeks. If you opt to go with a Canada Post option, your package will ship without tracking, and may take months to arrive.