Mint Chocolate Crit - 11 pc Set

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Pre-Orders will ship by mid-late October, 2019.

Expected shipping date is August 31/2019

Finally Mint Chocolate Crit is available.

A set a year in the making!

Originally intended to be one of the original three sets I released for the Kickstarter (along with Neo and Orange Dream), Mint Chocolate Crit proved too much of a challenge for most factories to produce. I kept at it, searching for a factory that could make the dice to my standards, and finally found one. 

Why pre-order? Simply put, it's a way for me to keep the developing business separate from the Kickstarter cash. I don't think it would be fair to use money from my Kickstarter to fund a new set, so I'm taking pre-orders.

The Black Ink option is not one that I have a photo of because the factory got the base color wrong on the samples. I originally wanted them to have black ink to improve the legibility. Once I have the dice from the factory, I will post a photo to give you an idea.

What comes in the 11 piece set?


4 x d6





2 x d20