Mystery Bag

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2 units
7 Piece Set:
Each Set includes: 1 each of: d4, d6, d8, d10, d00-90, d12, d20
Note: If you order these with any pre-ordered set they will ship out when your pre-ordered Ice Cream Dice Originals ship. If you want them before the Ice Cream Dice Originals ship out, please make a separate order.

It's a Mystery! 

Well, sort of. You're going to get dice, that's no mystery. They'll be worth more than $10, that's no mystery. What kind of dice? Hmmm, that's the mystery. Maybe a transparent layered set, maybe an opaque set. It could also be an Ice Cream Dice original set, or maybe it's even two sets!

With this round of Mystery Bags you can choose between a regular set or a mismatched set.