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Peek a handful of Asexual Pride Dice by Ice Cream Dice laid across a rainbow ribbon pattern. These gorgeous dice feature Black, Grey, White, and Purple color patterning with silver numbers.

About Ice Cream Dice

Why Ice Cream?There's something innocent and pure about ice cream. For most people, regardless of age, thoughts of ice cream bring up good memories, and who doesn't want more of those?

Ice Cream Dice wanted to create something joyful and whimsical. Dice that couldn't help but make people playing a game together smile, giggle, or outright laugh when someone pulled out a set of dice that looked like Neopolitan ice cream, or some other flavour.

What's so Special about Ice Cream Dice?

These are the only dice that are likely to bring a smile to your face every single time you pull them out of your dice bag. This isn't a guarantee, or a promise, but it's what sets Ice Cream Dice apart from many other dice companies.

There's no special ingredient in our dice, we don't use a different resin or acrylic than any other company, what we are though is community focused and driven.

How Ice Cream Dice got Started

Ice Cream Dice began in 2018 as an idea. The idea was inspired by the Dungeons and Dragons Club I (Marc) ran at the school I worked at.

After having received some generous donations of dice, I became curious about what it would take to create custom dice... after a couple of google searches I found the rabbit hole I fell down. At some point, I landed at the bottom of the rabbit hole with what I thought was surely an idea that someone had already had, and I just hadn't been able to find... dice designed after ice cream flavours.