General Contact/Old Store Orders (Order Numbers 100 - 2894)

Hi! If you're here, I'm assuming it's because I forgot, mispacked, or otherwise made an error with your order from the original store.

For that, I truly apologize and I know for some of you, you've waited months for these orders. I also know that for many of you, I said I would correct the error a long time ago.

I underestimated, and simply didn't know in some cases, what I was doing, much less how to keep track of everything.

Apologies aren't enough, but it is all I can offer in this moment.

If you fill out this contact form with your name, shipping address (if it's changed) and original order number, I will make sure your order is fulfilled and shipped out within a week.

Again, I am truly sorry. You've invested in me and my business and waited, been given promises that I've broken, and I'm disappointed in myself that I didn't find a system to keep things better organized earlier.

While I may lose your future support, I still want to make good and deliver upon the support you've already given and shown me.

If you would prefer a refund, I will refund any orders 100%.