A Sweet Subscription (US Version)
A Sweet Subscription (US Version)
A Sweet Subscription (US Version)

A Sweet Subscription (US Version)

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The dice goblins here at Ice Cream Dice have been begging me to send some of their favorite sets out into the world.

You choose how often you want to add to your hoard. The goblins insisted I offer a monthly, quarterly and bi-annual (surprisingly, they knew that bi-annual meant every 6 months). 

After that, my goblins will choose three different 7 piece sets from the curated collection and ship them to you. Sometimes, the sets they send you may not even be on the site because they like to keep some sets away from the prying eyes of everyday folk.

They're also going to send a bunch of random goodies along with it. Sometimes this will be business cards from our friends, discount codes, samples, who knows? Those goblins find all sorts of cool things out in the world and they're ready to share them with you.

They also told me that I have to ship them for free.

If you'd like an International Subscription, head here.

Here's the fine print they told me I had to include:

  • Subscriptions ship the first week of the following month.
  • No returns or exchanges unless due to a factory defect.
  • There is a chance, if you order monthly boxes from us, that you might occasionally get a set you've received before. While we try to make sure this doesn't happen, we can't guarantee that you won't occasionally get doubles.

*Dice shown here are examples of what you may receive. Each box will be different.