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Grimwald's Downloadable Digital Valentines

Hello humans!
Spending more time out of the dice mines with Marc's human family has been teaching me many things! One of these things is that humans, like goblins, like to be in groups! They also like to celebrate their family members and potential family members. Marc showed me that this can be done via an exchange of CANDY during a special day called Valentine's Day! He showed me many candies in a shape he called a 'heart'. Candy hearts don't really resemble human hearts, you know that right?
Since the exchange of candy on Human Valentine's Day is so important, I wanted to give you all something that you can share with your human crew! They are on the computer, so you can send this pretend candy to anyone you want around the world with the computer box! What a wonderful age you humans live in! (Please do not lick your screens! They will not taste like candy! The computer box is NOT delicious.)
Please enjoy my special Human Valentine's Day cards! They are free for you all to share and send to one another! Spread the love to humans everywhere! (And goblins too even!)
Your Social Media Super-Goblin,
Grimwald T. Goblin