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Frosty is Missing!

Where did the local gnome who runs the shop with the delectable frozen treats go? Frosty has been missing for days, and hasn't released his new Flavor of the Month, and the townsfolk are getting worried. An intrepid group of adventurers will attempt to discover what happened to the beloved old gnome.

All sales of Flavor of the Month will benefit: Forging Heroes Society, a nonprofit dedicated to supplying school clubs in North America with everything they need to run D&D clubs.

In the 2018-2019 school year alone they supported more than 10 clubs and 150 kids by giving the clubs: core books, minis, battle mats and every kid at least one set of dice. When possible, they also send out extra supplies that can be given to the kids once club is done so those kids can start a lifetime of adventure and friendship on their own outside of school.