Orange Dream (B Grade) Dice Ice Cream Dice Glossy 11 Piece
Orange Dream (B Grade) Dice Ice Cream Dice
Orange Dream (B Grade) Dice Ice Cream Dice Matte 7 Piece

Orange Dream (B Grade)

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Orange Dream is that luscious combination of bright and vibrant orange with a lightly vanilla sweetened vanilla and swirl it all together. 

The dice Goblins at Ice Cream Dice decided it was time to unleash all our original designs upon the world.

Unfortunately, their experiments weren't perfect and some dice have minor cosmetic flaws.

These flaws may be, and are not limited to:

  • Light ink
  • Random spots of color in layers
  • Layer bleed

These are considered B-Grade and there will be no refunds or returns on these dice.

These are available in 7 and 11 Piece Sets.

The 11 piece sets include the following:

  • 1 x D4
  • 4 x D6
  • 1 x D8
  • 1 x D10
  • 1 x D% (10-00)
  • 1 x D12
  • 2 x D20

Available in two finishes: Matte and Glossy. Matte has an almost powdery feel to it and the colors are a little less vibrant than glossy. Glossy is the standard finish that we have become accustomed to as gamers.

Also Available: 10 x D10 Sets.