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Pansexual Pride

The Dice Goblins here at Ice Cream Dice are a very diverse bunch. They thought it would be great if people could share a bit of themselves at gaming tables in the material plane by designing some dice based on flags that represent groups that are part of the LGBTQIA2S+ community.

This is their take on the Pansexual Pride Flag.

5 Star Reviews for Pansexual Pride Dice!!

"Highly recommended! Exactly as pictured and beautiful."

"Fantastic! I have been entirely thrilled with my Pan Pride Dice and use them whenever I DM!"

"Great! I was looking for pan dice with brighter coloring, and these hot the spot! Love the color on these."

"Great! These dice have a nice weight to them and roll well - while also being GORGEOUS! Thank you, Ice Cream Dice!"