Brown Kraft cardboard ice cream tub with a white sticker stands behind a pink handled ice cream scoop and about 100 dice of mixed designs.
A pink handled ice cream scoop is laying on hundreds of different dice in different designs.
A picture of the packaging: A brown ice cream tub with a white sticker showing the ice cream dice logo and a lid that has the words 'Ice Cream Dice Pint o' Dice' on it as well as 'The Sweetest Dice You'll Ever Roll'

Pint o' Dice

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The Dice Goblins here at Ice Cream Dice, unsurprisingly, love ice cream. They gobble down bowls full before rinsing out the container and using them as drums creating a glorious percussive ruckus.

They want you to have the same kind of fun they do, without having to worry about being lactose intolerant, so they've started packing pints of Ice Cream Dice for you to enjoy.

The Details:

  • The Pint of Ice Cream Dice will be 80% ICD Originals and 20% Curated sets based on weight.
  • The Pint o' Dice comes packaged in the tub pictured. 
  • Most sets are A Grade. There will be some B Grade sets mixed in from the site.
  • A Pint of Ice Cream Dice is approximately 100 dice.
  • There are no guarantees to what the ratio of dice you receive is. 
  • There may be some cosmetic defects in the dice.
  • Each pint will contain multiples of every die.
  • You can choose if you'd like to receive one complete 7 piece set in your pint. The complete set will be an ICD Original, though you may get lucky and have multiple complete sets in any given pint.

Shipping Info:

Due to it's size, shipping is charged separately for the pint. If you are ordering something else, please message me and I will see if the orders can be combined.

US Pints Ship USPS Priority Mail.

Shipping times cannot be guaranteed due to Covid.