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The Soda Shoppe

Can't decide which you like best and want to save a few bucks? Get the entire Soda Shoppe delivered to your door and pick your favorites while you're at it! 

With opaque white layers on top of orange, dark purple, pink and brown translucent layers filled with wisps of white and glitter, these dice combine all the things that make a real float good: ice cream, carbonation and of course, your favorite soda.

5 Star Reviews for The Soda Shoppe Dice Collection Sets!!!

"Beautiful and fun dice! Provides some much needed whimsy and eye candy at the table."

"The dice are well made, beautiful, and have a great click clack sound to them. 100% satisfied."

"Love these unique dice! I got a set of these for myself and my two daughters and we all love them!"

"Absolutely gorgeous dice! It feels like you could pop them in your mouth and get some flavor (do NOT do this, they do not have real flavor). But really, really beautiful and fun dice that stand out among the rest of your sets."

"The dice are all beautiful and exceeded my expectations the moment I opened the package. Marc is a pleasure to communicate with and if there are any concerns he is more than willing to go above and beyond to make things right."

"I love all of the dice I’ve gotten from Ice Cream Dice. This set of sets definitely isn’t an exception to that statement. I just purchased the Halloween set and I’m sure they are going to be just as awesome!!"

"Ordered this set for a dice exchange. I love how unique these dice are. The person who received these dice absolutely loved them! If you have a dice dragon in your life and don't know what to get them? You definitely need to check out this shop."

"I now have the full set of all four float dice, and they are so gorgeous! some of my absolute favourite dice <3"

"At first I thought the grape float came with black ink, but the purple ink is really dark. All the dice look lovely and delicious."

"Awesome dice! They look great and I rolled 3 natural 20's the first time I used them, so obviously they're great!"

"Marc always delivers on the highest quality dice. They are very nicely weighted and look really good in person. I've backed both his kickstarters and own just about every set of dice he's put out for a reason. You won't be disappointed with this or any other set of dice you'll find here!"

"Easily my new favorite dice."

"I have been wanting to get these dice for a very long time, but I have never really been into 11 piece sets. Once the 7 piece sets were an option I jumped on it! They were even better than I thought they would be once I had them in my hand. I keep all of my favorite dice in a tray next to my computer, and they have easily earned themselves a permanent spot there. They are going to be the dice that help decide all dice I use for future games."

"The bag is very fuzzy, perfect texture! It's also a lot bigger than I thought it was, so that's a plus! Fit all 44 dice and could probably fit more in there too!"

"They're so cute! I love the pastel colors <3"

"Really cool colors and designs. the contrast is nice, easy to read!"